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Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman

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He stretched out his hand to wipe the left Lin, as if he had caught someone in the same boat. He laughed and said, "I think your disciple is also very tight. He has been hiding for so long that no one can see him." Xu Feiniang replied with a faint smile, "She!"! It's not a bad gift, but it's far worse than yours. Her name is Lian Hongyao, and she's my new apprentice. Just now the situation was a little urgent, so I had to leave her aside. Then he beckoned her to come and meet the brothers and sisters of the Qi family. As soon as the blue shadow flashed in the forest, a thin woman, about seventeen or eighteen years old, with a haggard face, came up to the Qi family's sister and brother and bowed respectfully. Qi Jinchan looked at her as depressed as if she had suffered a great change, and she had lost the heart of teasing, in exchange for a sympathetic smile, while Qi Lingyun saw that she was clever and courteous, and had a deep affection for her. "She is also the queen of a famous family," said Xu Feiniang. Mother has ascended. His father was the little overlord who was famous in Hunan at that time. He was an iron whip, honest and respectful. He was a bodyguard in his early years. He had a deep enmity with others to avoid disaster in Sichuan. The first time I married her, her father was determined not to do so because he had only one daughter in front of his knees. Hongyao had this intention, saying that her father was seventy years old and planned to come to Huangshan to join me after he died. I made an appointment with her for a later meeting. "One night, I heard someone say that her house was on fire. When I hurried there, I saw that her father was already in the vicinity of the city,metal racking systems, but she was nowhere to be seen. I chased her everywhere and chased her ten miles out of the city. Suddenly, I saw a gang of robbers. I went up to ask them. Then I started to fight. They were defeated and ran for their lives in a hurry. When I opened a big bundle, it was red medicine. She had fainted to death. It was I who saved her." She went home with her and found her father's bones from the fire and buried them. She insisted on worshipping me as a teacher. In the future, I will find those robbers to avenge my father's murder. Seeing her filial piety, I can only help her. When Qi Lingyun heard this, he looked at Lian Hongyao, who was already full of tears. He was very sad and pitiful. He could not help but be moved. He comforted her with a few words. Then he looked at Lian Hongyao's beautiful melon seed face and a pair of flying eyebrows,shuttle rack system, which were somewhat similar to his own. He had a good feeling and three more points, so he wanted to invite Lian Honghao and Xu Feiniang back to the Suoyun Cave to be guests. Lian Hongyao had held back her grief, but she felt that Qi's brother and sister were very kind. She had been wandering for a long time and needed this friendship. Now she wanted to go very much, but she dared not say anything. Xu Feiniang could not help thinking of her many selfish motives and felt a little guilty. She said, "I wanted to go back to the mountain, but seeing that Hongyao really wanted to make friends with you, I followed Yungu's wishes and went to your place to disturb a cup of green tea." Hearing this, Hongyao was overjoyed. Qi Lingyun looked at the innocent red medicine, not a trace of fraud, but also happy, then let Fei Niang first, he took the soft hand of the red medicine, to a cliff path. Thinking of something, he turned to his brother. "Are you coming or not?" By the way, his eyes moved to the young man in white on the left. Qi Jinchan waved his hand and said, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, "Go!"! A man can't ask about a woman's affairs. Make a face and jump to the boy in white. He hoped that his sister would soon forget about facing the wall for three days. The young man in white also said that he would not go, and Qi Lingyun began to leave with the red medicine. Qi Jinchan aimed at the young man in white and said with a smile, "Elder Martial Brother Sun, what brings you here?"? I'm just going to avoid starting a sect. Would you like to worship under my door? The man was Sun Nan, a white swordsman. He had been ordered to come to Huashan Mountain to do something. He didn't expect to meet a strange Younger Martial Brother. He frowned and smiled bitterly: "I'm your Elder Martial Brother. If you ask me to worship you again, what kind of rule is this?" Think of a year ago, Qi Jinchan ran to find someone, saying that his father gave him a long vacation, to accompany him around. As a result, Qi Jinchan broke through the city of Xiangyang and stole all the clothes of the prostitutes. He also set fire to the brothel, causing naked women to run all over the street. When the rumor spread back to Emei, his father was so angry that he caught him himself. He also suffered from the fish in the pond and was greatly punished by the master. Everything is still fresh in my memory, but I have been very taboo to this younger martial brother. Qi Jinchan, however, said generously, "Elder Martial Brother can also be my subordinate. Just like if my father passes the master to me, won't you become my subordinate?" "I hope there won't be another day," said Sun Nan with a smile. Qi Jinchan laughed and said, "I think so, too. That's why I set up my own business early. What do you think?"? I won't treat you badly.
” Sun Nan did not want to offend, and it was not good to refuse. "How about letting me think about it?" "It's up to you," said Qi Quan! Happiness is in your hands, you grasp it well, and I will wait for you. "Thank you very much," said Sun Nan. Seeing that Qi Jinchan seemed to take it seriously, he had to think carefully so as not to suffer. Qi Jinchan then asked him the purpose of his visit. Sun Nan said, "Chui Yun Sou asked me to ask your parents to go down the mountain to help clean up the evil monks in Ciyun Temple. I've been to Emei, but I haven't seen your father. That's why I came here." Qi Jinchan was in a hurry. "Is my father out of the pass?" "I don't know," said Sun Nan. "I just didn't touch him." Qi Jinchan felt a little relieved, otherwise, as soon as his father went out, wouldn't he be in greater danger? Said: "My mother is not here, you have to wait." "Uh.." Sun Nan did not know how to decide for a moment. Qi Jinchan wants a companion, otherwise he will be bored to face his sister every day. "If you can't invite my mother," he said, "do you dare to go back and see someone? Stay, stay, I'll show you something! Pulling Sun Nan, ready to try his eternal treasure, the electricity will make him cramp at any time. Where does Sun Nan know the secret? I was dragged by him with a little interest. The two of them crossed the cliff, and there was another peak in front of them. At the foot of the peak, there were dense trees and craggy rocks, which seemed to have a strange array. Qi Jinchan led him around and through the trees. Suddenly it was bright. The platform in front of him was wide, at least thirty feet deep. Three thousand-year-old pines grew against the cliff. After the pines fell down, there was a cave. The clouds are half covered, and the fairy spirit is looming. It's time to lock the cloud hole. Qi Jinchan hissed and asked Sun Nan to stay where he was. As soon as he crept toward the ancient pine,push back racking system, he flashed through the hole and swept to the top of the pine, just as he was waiting for my treasure. Qi Lingyun has sent the reluctant Lian Hongyao and Xu Feiniang out of the cave. "Mount Huangshan is very close to here," said Qi Lingyun. "You can always come and talk if you have nothing to do. I can also introduce you to my mother. She will like you." 。 kingmoreracking.com


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